God’s Character

God is the Creator and Sustainer of everything and worthy of man’s obedience and grateful praise. He is holy and perfect and cannot tolerate any form of sin.

God’s Requirement

As God delights only in good, and man only is evil in God’s sight, the two have no fellowship with each other.

God’s Provision

Through Christ, God bridges what seems to be an unfathomable gap. His death in the place of those who were his enemies is acceptable to God because of His inherent righteousness flowing out of His divinity. This death is effective as a substitute because he was made into human flesh and lived perfectly as a man.

Man’s Character

Man was Created by God with the ability to do both good and evil. However, man has fallen into the sinful pattern of delighting not in God but in himself. Man’s energy is devoted to the pursuit of better serving himself.

Man’s Need

As God is perfectly self-sufficient and independent of any position of His creation, He does not need us. However, as dependent, spiritual creatures and enemies of God, we need to be made righteous in order to enjoy restoration into His presence and favor.

God’s Call

God calls men and women to repent and place their trust for a renewed relationship in this one whom He provided – Jesus Christ